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Which Countries Make the Best Men’s Shoes?

There are plenty of great shoemakers all over the world. Some of them just got into the business recently, and others carry decades and in some cases, over a century of shoemaking history behind them.

Although many countries have amazing shoemakers, a few stand above the rest. Here are the best countries in the world when it comes to shoes.

England, the Best Place for Mens Shoes from Brand House Direct

Since everyone has their own preferences as far as shoes are concerned, it would be impossible to say which country has produced the single-best pair of men’s shoes. But I honestly feel that when it comes to high-quality shoemakers and the greatest volume of quality shoes, no one can beat England.

England’s shoemakers are a who’s who of the history of men’s shoes. There’s a reason John Lobb can charge well over $1,000 for shoes, and that’s because its shoes are works of art. Edward Green is well-known for fantastic shoes, and Crockett and Jones has supplied the footwear for two James Bond movies (Skyfall and Spectre). Gaziano and Girling offers some sleek, daring styles.


When it comes to English shoes and Italian shoes, choosing between them comes down to personal preference. Italy boasts several fine shoemakers, including Silvano Lattanzi, Sutor Mantellassi and Kiton.

One thing to keep in mind with Italian men’s shoes is that many of their shoemakers have multiple lines of varying qualities. This is true with shoemakers from other countries, as well, but the difference in quality is often more significant with Italian shoes. Salvatore Ferragamo and Bruno Magli are two of the many Italian shoemakers who have beautiful shoes in their best lines, but also mediocre offerings in their other lines.


Many of France’s shoemakers are known for being a bit more innovative with their men’s shoes, but French shoes can also be of considerable quality. JM Weston is a big name when it comes to French shoes, but Corthay is a personal favorite for their sleek, bold designs.

What About the United States?

It seems only fair to mention how the United States stacks up to the rest of the world when it comes to men’s shoes. Unfortunately, many of the best U.S. shoemakers either folded or decided to have their shoes manufactured overseas, and that has led to a reduction in overall quality.

The two U.S. shoemakers who are still known for delivering high-quality shoes are Alden and Allen Edmonds. Of the two, Alden tends to be more conservative, which can result in dull designs. Allen Edmonds doesn’t mind taking the occasional risk, which can end up looking nice or very bad. Neither of the two really compares to the finest shoemakers in Europe, though. A pair of Allen Edmonds can be nice, but they wouldn’t hold a candle to anything you could buy from John Lobb or Crockett and Jones.

Everyone will hold their own opinions on which country makes the best shoes. It’s hard to argue against England, though, simply because of how many fantastic shoemakers it has.

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